Jump Start with Python Numbers – Part 5

Number is a mathematical object used to count, measure, label and manipulate. In Python, numbers are handled and manipulated using numeric data types. Python supports four different types of numeric data types and they are explained below:

  • int (Integers): They are positive or negative whole numbers with no decimal point.
  • long: They are also known as long integers of unlimited size. They are usually followed by postfix (l/L).
  • float: Floating point numbers represent real numbers and are written with decimal point dividing integer and fractional parts.
  • complex: Complex numbers are of the form (x + yJ), where x and y are floating point real values and J represents the square root of -1 i.e. an imaginary number.
Python Numbers Methods & Modules:
  • Numeric Data Type Detection Methods
  • Number System Prefix
  • Data Type Conversion
  • Python Decimals
  • Python Fractions
  • Methods on Integer types
  • Methods on Float types
Mathematical Functions & Constants:
  • PI
  • e (Exponential)
  • Absolute
  • Ceiling Value
  • Exponential Method
  • Absolute Method (fabs)
  • Floor Method
  • Natural Logarithm Method
  • Base-10 Logarithm Method
  • Max Method
  • Min Method
  • Modf Method
  • Power Method
  • Round Method
  • Square Root Method
  • Truncation Method
  • Copy Sign Method
  • IsNaN Method
  • Factorial Method
Random Functions:
  • Choice Method
  • Random Range Method
  • Random Method
  • Seed Method
  • Shuffle Method
  • Uniform Method
  • Get State Method
  • Random Bits Method
  • Random Integer Method
  • Sample Method
  • Triangular Method
  • Betavariate Method
  • Expovariate Method
  • Gammavariate Method
  • Normal Variate Method
  • Gauss Method
  • Log Normal Variate Method
  • Vonmises Variate Method
  • Pareto Variate Method
  • Weibull Variate Method
Trigonometric Functions:
  • Sine Method
  • Cosine Method
  • Tangent Method
  • Arc Sine Method
  • Arc Cosine Method
  • Arc Tangent Method
  • Arc Tangent Double Method
  • Euclidean Method
  • Degrees Method
  • Radians Method

My article “Jump Start with Python Numbers – Part 5” is the fifth article in series, and explains how to get started with programming in Python at C# Corner. Click the link below to read the article:

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