About Me

About Gagan Sikri

A quick and crisp version of this page is available at about.me/sikrigagan. If you’ve time to burn, read on.

Hi, I’m Gagan Sikri! I am a Technical Specialist at FusionCharts. Before this I was a CS undergrad at Kurukshetra University.

I started off with Microsoft Technologies and did some of my academic projects around them but now whatever feel right like JavaScript – jQuery, Angular; PHP, Python.

I am a technology enthusiast and regularly write blogs, articles and tutorials around data visualization, JavaScript and python at DZone, C# Corner and my blog.

I code for solving problems, building awesome products/solutions, kickass tech, MacBook, coffee, a cozy chair or bean bag.

I keep my projects at GitHub, Bitbucket, and some awesome stuff at a sub-domain of this website which I call – garage!

I am usually not far away from my computer and always up for a conversation or an adventure (new projects, products, tech, startups). So if you want to contact me regarding anything –

I can be found on Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn. You can also check out my resume here.

You can reach me at me@gagansikri.in.